Fair Trade

i sandals are committed to fair trade. Our objective is to identify certain traditional African cottage industry products and (without using big business intervention) introduce these products to a mass international market. Therefore, we develop the production of cottage industry products into a wealth creating organisation where the original crafters will benefit. We are associate members of the prestigious World Fair Trade Organization.

How Impi Sandals are Made

Sandals made from tyres have been produced by crafters in Africa for many years. They use waste materials to create the sandals which helps reduce waste in the environment and also importantly stops the tyres being used as a source of fuel.

These sandals are long lasting, comfortable to wear and are ideally suited to the rough African terrain. 

 After a little training, almost anybody can make this type of footwear. Without using any form of  mechanisation a crafter can make one to two pairs of sandals per day. The crafter does not need to travel to a workshop or factory but can make the product at their own home. This means that they can undertake other chores such as looking after young children and supervising meals.

Fair Trade

Impi Sandals are committed to fair trade principals. We ensure that all the crafters are well paid for their efforts. They also participate in a profit sharing scheme.

One of the problems in managing the production of Impi Sandals is the logistics of the project. Firstly, we need a truck to collect the tyres from a tyre dump and then distribute the tyres to the various crafters homes. Once the sandals are made we need to collect the finished product and deliver to a central depot. The distances are vast and the roads are poorly maintained. 

We have been asked why we do not mechanise the production of Impi Sandals from one manufacturing base. However, that would go against our fair-trade principals. Big business would be involved and only a small number of crafters would be able to travel each day to the manufacturing base. We are however, looking at organising groups of craters to go to a local place of production. We arrange for transportation of the crafters and if necessary their children.

Many hundreds of urban and rural families rely on the income derived from the production of Impi Sandals and we are proud to play a significant role in ensuring the well-being of our partners in Africa.

Watch Our Sandals Being Made

Our Associate Membership in the World Fair Trade 

Our objectives and commitment to fair trade make us very proud to have been granted associate membership into the World Fair Trade Organisation. 

The World Fair Trade Organisation is a global network of companies and organisations commuted to fair trade principles, integrated supply chains and acts as an international guarantee system to demonstrate accepted commitment to fair trade and full integration of fair trade practices within a business.