Environmentally Friendly

Sadly, the environmental effects of tyres in Africa are still not resolved and adequate recycling facilities are not in place for tyres. This waste material has, sadly, long been seen as an excellent source of fuel. But when burnt, tyres release noxious chemicals and pollute the air and environment - helping contribute to greenhouse gases and climate change. 

What to do with used car tyres is an ongoing perpetual problem as piles of used tyres are an eyesore that blemishes beautiful landscapes. 

At Impi Sandals we are able to use much of the tyre compound to good use. Instead of destroying the environment, these tyres are used to make long lasting, comfortable sandals. Using cottage industry and waste materials means that 

Another negative effect of throwing tyres away is, simply, that they take up space in landfills. Whenever we can keep any kind of material from our landfills, we are doing well for the environment.

Recycling tyres can help harmful chemicals stay out of the earth, water, and air. 

Impi sandals are a classic example of using one environmental unfriendly commodity and extending its life for a secondary use.